WhyToyz is an educational business that specialises in raising future geniuses. We aim to do this by unlocking the creative potential of children using exponential technologies, with a deep focus on 3D printing. WhyToyz is a unique 3D printing platform that securely houses over 300 unique designs prepared by experts to promote problem solving, analytical thinking, math and planning skills, innovation and creativity.

Our Worlds

Examples of the Why Toyz worlds

Letters of the Alphabetical are a great way for kids to learn reading and writing skills through sensory play.

Cooking is a complex art that merges a wide range of subjects, including science, physics, biology, math, literacy, and creativity.

Kids love playing with marbles. We took one of the most obsessive kids' games and turned it into amazing educational fun!

Our sensory numbers are a great introduction for pre-school kids into the world of numeracy.

View our new and exciting range of Plane prints - The sky's the limit, be ambitious and soar to new heights and don't forget to download the help guide below.

Dinosaurs are simply cool! They inspire learning, awaken curiosity and imagination. Kids can imagine what dinosaurs looked like, how they lived and how they become extinct.

How it works

A desktop 3D printer is purchased for a household,  school, ECD center,  or a learning hub and connected to the very easy to use and intuitive Why Toyz app. With just one click you can 3D print educational concepts that are relevant to a child’s interest or curriculum. In addition, children can co-create their own 3D models and designs by simply using their fingers on a tablet. Each world comes with developmentally aligned guidebooks and videos to boost fun and learning.

Why Toyz

Explore our Subscriptions.

Looking for great fun and exciting content to print? Purchase a Why Toyz Subscription and Download the Why Toyz Mobile App to awaken your child's curiosity!

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What our clients say

"At our school, 3D printing doesn't only belong into a maker lab but it is used in our classrooms on a daily basis! Thanks to Why Toyz we have now implemented more 3D printers, equipped our teachers with 3D modelling skills and 3d printed interactive educational devices. It further contributes to our young learners becoming even more creative, curious and innovative thinkers"

Yvette Godwin
Principle - ECD Charter House

What our clients say

"Kids love playing with the Shapes! And are unrestricted in their creativity!"

Petri G

What our clients say

"Not only can I print my own high-quality toys for my swimming classes, I can also print custom-made toys that work around our weekly themes (No more scouring every toy shop in town). I LOVE how this has made my lesson planning so much easier!"

Tracey S

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