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Raising creative geniuses

The Why Toyz team focuses on inspiring children to become innovative thinkers and creators. The team is led by a social entrepreneur Petra Rees who holds an MBA and has been recently voted as one of the Inspiring Fifty Women in South Africa. Petra has partnered with Abigail Friedman, a seasoned and brilliant early childhood development expert who leads the team of occupational therapists, child psychologists, researchers and specialists to develop our rich content.

The Team

Conrad de Wet

Thanks to Conrad’s deep technical expertise our amazing team of developers can continue to augment and improve our mobile application.

Kyle Blake

Kyle's love for architecture brings out exciting fun creations to life that allows kids to explore, build and be imaginative!

Michael Jaspan

Michael Jaspan brings these 3D printed concepts and worlds to live in the most magical way! He is a super talented artist and filmographer.

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Why Toyz ignites the love for making, problem solving and creative thinking in a new generation of kids.