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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable find what you are looking for here, please send us your query. We will do our best to answer all questions promptly.

About The 3D Printer

What Comes With My 3D Printer (FlashForge Finder)?

Kindly refer to the below accessory list. For the ease of use we have also included a spatula to ensure you can remove your prints better off the plate (SA based). Please note that the glue stick is used for getting your prints stick better to the plate.

How Much Electricity Does The Why Toyz 3D Printer Uses?

The FlashForge 3D printer doesn’t use that much electricity – it is almost the same as if you had a radio on during the time of print.

Please refer to the table below to get an idea about costs and consumption.


Calculating energy consumption per print Calculating filament usage per print
Printer power rating (W) 65 Filament cost per m R0,97
Hours of printing (h) 0,2 Rand to dollar exchange 13,9
Kwh 0,013 Price per meter (USD) $0,07
Energy price /Kwh (Rand) R0,92 Total meters printer 0,61
Price for print (Rand) R0,01 Total cost of filament printed R0,59
Total cost of print – electricity + filament R0,61

Can I Use Another Filament?

Our preferred FlashForge 3D printer uses PLA filaments made by FlashForge. We suggest you use these filaments as we do not guarantee that you may have the same end results (sizes may slightly differ so for example the blocks may not fit into one another). However, it is all about fun for the kids who love colours and new exciting things.

What Printing Materials Are Used For 3D Printing Of Why Toyz Worlds?

All Why Toyz Worlds are designed using PLA filament. PLA is a bioplastic, compostable and non-toxic. It’s derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, sugar cane, tapioca roots or even potato starch.

Can I Use Your Printer For Normal 3D Printing?

Yes, you may. You can import your own models into FlashPrint (a programme that converts your 3 models from stl or obj files to gx files – ready for printing). You can install FlashPrint from the USB stick supplied to you with our FlashForge printer.

What Are Why Toyz Preferred 3D Printer Models?

The Why Toyz team has considered a number of home printers that are on the market. It has chosen FlashForge 3D printers (Finder and Adventurer3 – home use range) due to their technical quality, overall design, ease of use, price and remote after sales support. We will continuously look out for new 3D printers designed for home use and integrate the Why Toyz Worlds with such models.

About Why? Toyz

Can I Paint On The Printed Figurines From The Why Toyz Worlds?

Yes, you may. We encourage expanding the kids’ fantasy by allowing them to paint on the printed figurines to make this more fun and entertaining. It further grows their imagination which is critical. Any water based paints will do.

How Many Items Or Worlds Can I Print Using The PLA Filaments?

The 1kg of PLA filament is about 335 m. A small 10mm bolt from the Blocks World takes about 0,61 m. So one could print approx. 540 of these bolts using 1kg of the filament. We recommend using different colours of filaments to make it more fun for the kids (and adults too).

I Have My Own 3D Printer (Not FlashForge) – Can I Still Use Your Worlds?

At the moment we only support 3D printers by FleshForge. However, we are working on integration with other 3D printers as well. Please send an email to should you wish to get our Worlds for your printer in the meantime.

What Do I Need To 3D Print Why Toyz Worlds?

You need our recommended printer FlashForge Finder or Adventurer with different colour PLA filaments. Then you need to access our website in order to login (from any device as the site is responsive). Once you choose your World, you can send the files directly to the printer (Wi-Fi enabled). You can refer to our guidelines as well as videos for some more fun and support.

How Long Does It Take To Print The Worlds?

Each model has different geometry and so the printing time varies. Some of the elements in the Block World like a small screw for example, can take around 12 min to print because it is fairly small. A whole set of screws (25 pieces of different sizes) can take over 4 hours.

How To Use The Worlds (Educational Aspect)?

We have partnered with a team of specialists including child psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, researchers etc. The Why Toyz team aligned the developmental milestones based on the children ages and drafted guidelines as to how to interact with the different Worlds and what to focus on. Please go to our library of guidelines. These are purely recommendations including variations a parent, educator or a care-giver can consider. Each child is different and one needs to engage with a child based on his or her needs. The Why Toyz team has already prepared some fun edutainment videos your children can easily follow.

What Testing Has Been Done?

Why Toyz partnered with a world-class 3D printing company called FlashForge. The printers supported, namely the Finder as well as the Adventurer 3 have been tested and passed the assessments relevant to the key EC Council Directives (such as RoHS), Directive 2014/53/EU on the Radio Equipment, IEC Safety Standards as well as the standards of the National Regulator for Standard Specifications in South Africa. The PLA filaments have been successfully tested by Bureau Veritas and passed the relevant specifications set by the EC Council Directives (RoHS). Please contact us for more information.

How Do I Access My Why Toyz Worlds?

All content is accessible via the Login section on our website. Once you log in into your account, you can then brows our content either on your computer or any mobile device you have. Please make sure you use the same account from each device.

How Can I Pay And Order?

You can pay with your credit card. Simply enter your card details on our website which is operated by Peach Payments and your monthly subscription starts. You will receive your login details you can then use on our website to get your content either via your computer or on your mobile devices.

How Much Does The Why Toyz Worlds Subscription Cost?

Each subscription is based on a monthly fee. For that you get access to all our Why Toyz Worlds content, videos and developmental booklets.

What Do I Get When I Subscribe To Why Toyz Worlds?

Every month we develop a new World one can 3D print. Thus far we have designed many interesting Worlds kids love playing with such as Farm, Shop, Trucks, Continent Puzzles, Building Blocks, Marble Tracks, Car Tracks, Solar System and more. All you need to do is 3D print these at home or at school on our recommended 3D printer. Your monthly subscription purchase gets you access to the whole library of our Worlds. You can print as much as you want or need whilst you are subscribed to Why Toyz. The moment your subscription ends you will no longer have access to our Why Toyz content.

How Do The Worlds Work?

Most of the children questions start with Why? Very often to find a suitable answer that a kid can understand well, learn from it and relate to is not simple. It is for this reason, that each Why concept was carefully designed with a team of child psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, researchers and of course moms to develop games and tools focusing on different areas such as business, environment, science, engineering, society and general knowledge. These concepts or what we called the “Worlds” are tied to key developmental areas relevant to skills for the future. All one needs to do is 3D print these at home or at school. We have prepared a set of videos explaining these concepts to the kids in a suitable language and a playful environemtn. Parents, care-givers or educators are further encouraged to elaborate on these stories to awaken a child’s and even their own curiosity some more 😉

What Ages Are Why Toyz Worlds And Concepts Suitable For And Why?

Why Toyz are designed to help kids between the ages 3 and 7 develop their creativity, imagination, analytical thinking, fine motor skills, general knowledge but also contribute towards perceptual, cognitive and social skills as well as speech. This age can most benefit from hands-on play, interaction and bonding time with a parent or a care-giver and simply a freedom to be curious without any guidelines. However, older kids love getting involved explaining their younger siblings what else can be done with all the 3D printed worlds and come up with their own creations.