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Our 3D Design Competition is done and dusted!

We have received some incredible entries from many young minds out there and it was not easy to pick the top 3 best designs in each category.

Ethan Hainsis the winner in the older age groupcategory for his submission of a combined Power Generator & Water Purifier. His detailed design with description of what this system should look like (and how to function) was very impressive. Ethan has in addition also designed a container based low cost housing. 

Emily Wardhas designed and made a beautiful and very practical planter that uses small cups so one can get food quickly. The planters are made of recycled cups and connected to a wooden ring – as the plants grow one can eat the crop immediately and refill the cups with new ones filled with seeds.

The runner ups in the older age group category are (11-16 years old):
Brian Dlamini – WiFi tower
Liam Archer – dustbin compactor

These young gentlemen will receive our 3D printer to test some of their designs on and play with for a few weeks.

The runner ups in the younger age group category are (4-10 years old):
Michael Ward – using shredded paper as utensils
Tarryn Cohen – hotel for those in need

Michael is getting a range of filaments and Tarryn can look forward to an Engino building set.

We would like to thank everyone once again for participating!

Your Why Toyz Team