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Adventurer 3 high temperature nozzle 0.4mm

R849.95 inc. VAT



This 0.4mm nozzle assembly fits the Adventurer 3 as well as the Adventurer 4 and allows you to print advanced filaments such as PC, PETG and ABS.

  • Works with Adventurer 4, Adventurer 3, Adventurer 3 Pro, Adventurer 3 Lite, Adventurer 3C.
  • Use method is the same as the conventional nozzle.
  • Extruder diameter: 0.4mm
  • Maximum temperature 265℃.
  • Packing specifications: 1pcs/bag.

Note: This nozzle’s wire feeding resistance is slightly larger than that of the 240℃ nozzle assembly. It is recommended to use a 240℃ nozzle assembly to print conventional PLA materials.


and consists of the nozzle, feeder tube, heater block and thermistor. It simply clicks into place –see this video.