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Fillamentum CPE HG100

R585.00 inc. VAT



CPE HG100 filament was engineered for high-technical properties, great quality and easy printing with final properties that will dwarf all the PET-based materials. An additional monomer improves all the properties when compared with PETG filaments.


  • High-technical durable long-life material
  • Great impact resistance (no break)
  • Good interlayer adhesion
  • Easy printing as PLA
  • Low fumes released
  • Tensile strength, flexural strength,
  • High hardness
  • Temperature resistance up to 80 °C
  • Chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, alcohols, and hydrocarbons
  • Post-processing by sanding, painting, smoothing, painting and gluing
  • Transparency in thin layers (transparency colors)
  • Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment
  • Safe for food contact applications (declaration sent per request)
  • 100% recyclable
  • 30 % bio-based
  • BPA free & styrene-free