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Creator 3 pro

R42,750.00 inc. VAT

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The FlashForge Creator 3 pro is an industrial grade 3D printer with 2 extruders. This is the top of the level FFF 3D printer from Flashforge, designed to provide the maximum stability and quality when printing your designs.

FlashForge Creator 3 pro Summary:

  • Heatable build plate with massive build volume: 300*250*200mm
  • Two extruders of Flashforge Creator 3 Pro could print at the same time, and you can use duplicated printing or mirrored printing.
  • Water-soluble materials for model supporting and a different filament for model building.
  • Faster heating of nozzles, reaching up to 320℃.
  • Nozzle and heating block assembled together, easy to replace and maintain.
  • Brand new cooling fan structure, with two cooling fans to effectively cool down models and reach better printing effects.
  • Upgraded extruder sensor, better for build plate levelling.
  • Creator 3 Pro achieves more safety.

Fast heating of build platform

Flashforge Creator Pro 3 reaches up to 110℃ just in 3 minutes, rather like other 3D printer brands waiting like 20 minutes

Filament supported: PLA, ABS, PVA, PETG, HIPS, PA, PC.

Matched slicer: Flashforge FlashPrint 5.

With the free cloud service Polar Cloud on Polar3D you can manage your FlashForge Creator 3 pro 3D printers from an easy-to-use web interface. Log on with your Facebook or Google account and add your Creator 3 pro units. From Polar3D you can upload print jobs, monitor machine parameters like current temperatures, start, paus, resume, stop prints and more. A particularly useful tool when operating multiple 3D printers or when teleworking.