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Fillamentum PEBA Filament White 1.75mm

R1,235.00 inc. VAT



This type of Flexfill is based on polyether-block-amide (PEBA), which was specially developed for processing by 3D printing. Although it is flexible with hardness 90 Shore A, it exhibits different thermal, mechanical, and chemical behavior from other Flexfill filaments (TPUTPE)!

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Flexible even at low temperatures
  • High reversible deformation
  • Rebound resilience preserved also at low temperature (down to -60 °C)
  • Great chemical resistance, for mention against car fluids (gasoline, diesel, oil, …)
  • Resistant to cyclic loading without obvious damage
  • High energy return, low hysteresis
  • Tear resistance
  • The lowest density from flexible filaments
  • Recyclable, BPA free, low fumes release
  • Safe for food contact applications (declaration sent per request)
  • Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment

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